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The workshops are designed according to the needs of the participants.

We evaluate what each group wants to work on and, based on this information, we design a program that meets the requirements and achieves the desired goals.

In recent years, we have provided workshops at national and international level, both in person and online, to Taiko groups wishing to incorporate new knowledge and styles to their repertoire.

The workshops can be oriented to different approaches. These can be to improve technique, incorporate technique of a new style, body technique and movement on stage, composition of musical pieces and/or learning Zendaiko themes.


  • Taiko basics
  • Taiko Set
  • Odaiko
  • Shime – Technique
  • Physical Training for Taiko
  • “Flow like a Wave, Hit like a Breaker”: Discover how the energy of body movement flows and use it to play taiko.
  • Song composition
  • Team working

Ask about workshops tailored to your needs and those of your group.

For more information contact us by email at info@zendaiko.com or click on the following button:

Issho Daiko