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ZenDaiko - 禅太鼓

ZenDaiko was born in October 2016 under the direction of Romina Taverna with the idea of sharing Japanese culture through 2 disciplines applied to the same training: Taiko and Zazen. From this fusion comes the name and its kanji and identity 禅太鼓.

Since its beginnings in Argentina, they have received professional taiko players in their dojo to increase the level of training. Among them, Rai Tateishi (former member of Kodo) in 2018 travelled to Buenos Aires to exclusively train them for a month and a half.

ZenDaiko’s activities include training trips. In 2018 they travelled 10 days to Brazil to train with Yoohey Kaito and Natalia Kanashiro (Kaito Taiko), where they made intensive training days of up to 12 hours per day.

In 2019 they toured for 3 weeks to Japan, being the first Taiko Training Tour organised by the Taiko Community in Argentina. In this trip they trained in the Kodo´s Village in Sado Island; in Asano Taiko in Ishikawa; and with Yamada Mizue from the DIA+ group and first sensei of the director of Zendaiko in her stay in Japan (2014-2016).

During the year 2020, due to COVID-19, they decided to offer the community open and free taiko classes and zazen sessions, with the purpose of accompanying and offering the community a recreational activity in such difficult times. These classes have become international meetings where Argentinean participants have been able to share a space of exchange with taikists from Spain, Germany, France, Hungary, Brazil, USA, China and Japan, giving a new framework of integration and dissemination of Japanese culture that transcends borders.

In October 2022 during the European Taiko Expo, ZenDaiko launches the first taiko exercise book. This first book also has the particularity of being written in English and Spanish, being pioneers again, providing a resource for the Spanish-speaking community.

That same October, ZenDaiko travels to Hollywood as guests at the Global Stage Hollywood film event after winning 2nd Prize in the WGT competition. In this way, ZenDaiko became the first taiko group to perform at the TCL Chinese Theater and Japan House LA.

Today, ZenDaiko is based in Hamburg, where it performs, teaches and holds workshops.

ZenDaiko is currently part of the play Prolog/Dionysos, a project of the Schauspielhaus theatre in Hamburg, where he shares the stage with local taiko players.

Our Vision


To create, from the principles of taiko and zazen, a new way of looking at the world that helps us to live in it in a simpler, healthier and more respectful way.

Our Mision


To spread Japanese culture through the practice of taiko and zazen by means of classes, workshops, artistic presentations, talks, trips, and inviting representatives of these disciplines from other countries. To generate a participatory and inclusive environment so that the relationship of friendship is close throughout the community.

Our Values


  • Discipline: through continuous practice of both activities.
  • Respect: for the activity, the school, the companions, senpais and senseis.
  • Love: for what we do.
    Companionship: collaborate in the practices by assisting our peers when they need it.
  • Tolerance: in the different stages in which we find ourselves, respecting our own time and our team-mate´s.
  • Justice: in the acts we carry out.
  • Honesty: in our actions, our thoughts and our words.
  • Responsibility: accepting the consequences of our actions, committing ourselves to what we choose.