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The name ZenDaiko comes from the kanji of Zen (禅), for the zazen practice we do as part of the training, and Taiko (太鼓) which means “big drum” in Japanese. The idea of bringing the two disciplines together is simply out of the belief that one cannot understand an art without its context and we believe that zazen is the discipline that most encompasses Japanese philosophy.

Therefore, although they are taiko lessons, we begin our classes with a mini zazen session in order to connect with ourselves, to allow ourselves to be present, and then to connect with the subsequent practice.

Zazen is a style of Japanese meditation performed in Buddhist temples of the Soto Zen branch. We use the practice only as a tool for our purpose.

Physical training is very important for our style of practice. For this reason, after the zazen session is over, we dedicate a part of the class to endurance training and strengthening our muscles. Another aim of this section of the training is to begin to recognise our body and to enhance its capacity.

Once the body and mind are prepared, we begin the taiko practice.

All of our classes focus on technique at the beginning. Not only does it allow us to warm up, but technique is the basis of our discipline.

When training Kihon (technique), we also incorporate body technique, not only on an aesthetic-choreographic level, but also as part of the origin of taiko strokes, which is based on the use of the body’s energy in movement.

The end of the class is dedicated to the learning of themes.

Within the Beginners Courses we offer all the necessary elements to develop taiko (practice drums and bachis) as well as zafus for zazen.

Ph: Mercedes Cepeda