Private Online Lesson w/ Romina Taverna

Taiko classes with the founder of Zendaiko and a member of 4 Loco Ladies.

Having trained with recognized senseis from Japan and other parts of the world, Romina opens for the first time private lessons online.


  • Beta
  • Naname
  • Set
  • Shime
  • Katsugi

€50.- /class

(Ask for packs of lessons per month)


Open call for all levels, beginners to advanced, for those who want to start and for those who want to master their technique and physical training.

Zendaiko’s style has its strength in physical training, conditioning the body for better performance.

Each session is divided into:

  • Warm up
  • Training
  • Taiko Technique

Each physical exercise will be directly related to the technique to be developed, thus understanding the importance of the role of the body.

According to the goal that the student is looking for in the class, a proposal that best suits will be elaborated.

For more information, write to indicating experience in taiko, and what is the goal you are looking for.