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We believe that from taiko we can learn about Japanese culture but also that we need to learn from Japanese culture to understand taiko.

This is the reason why, even if we are a Taiko school, we also dedicate our training and courses´ offer to more disciplines.

You can join our regular classes online or classroom classes; also ask for private lessons.


Online WorldWide Courses (OWWC)

The main idea of this format is to create an International Dojo where we can interact with different cultures by learning a new culture. To be able to share with people around the world without boundaries.

This format allows you not to be limited by your region´s course´s offer, plus you can expand your worldwide relation´s network by doing international friends!

Take a look of what we offer!




If you want to start taiko and you don’t have a local group nearby, this may be your chance!

During the pandemic, Zendaiko was a pioneer in Argentina in starting its Online classes by taking its training from the first day to the Zoom platform in order not to lose practice in regular groups that continues to this day.

We also offered group and individual sessions aimed at participants from all over the world, among which we have the presence of Brazil, Spain, the United States, Italy, Germany, Hungary, China and Japan.

If you are interested, write to us: info@zendaiko.com


Join our regular online zazen session on Saturdays 9am (GTM -3) and experience the art of silence.

Need registration. Please send an email to info@zendaiko.com


Start studying this beautiful language with people aorund the world! We have different options for you:

  • JLPT Preparation: for those who are willing to take the exams
  • Japanese for Tourism: ideal if you are about to travel
  • Intensive Japanese: Hiragana, Katakana, N5 kanjis and grammar in 2 months to have a first experience on Japanese learning. 


Let´s gather and have a coffee chat practicing Japanese in a daily conversation. You will be able to apply what you know in a real enviroment with other students.
Meetings will be organized along the year.

Need registration.

E-mail: info@zendaiko.com